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Austin Maker Faire 2018

Ponytrap had a blast at Austin Maker Faire 2018… we hooked up with Tim Deagan and his amazing new project, Boosh Beats – fire drums that shoot 20 foot high flames. We worked out a communication protocol for our computer brain to talk to Tim’s fire machines and the results were spectacular! One of the […]


We animated some skeletons and added them to the twins for some extra fun Halloween good times… lots of robot parading around town and finished with a performance at our friend Ray Seggern’s house

World Maker Faire NYC 2017

We had a total blast at World Maker Faire 2017! We gave a talk about building with Arduino. We saw two Mets games, ate soup dumplings. Ate Paella, got footrubs, ate more dumplings… our drum even won a couple of blue ribbons! And as always, Ponytrap made lots of noise and lots of friends.

National Geographic Genius Party at SXSW

We had an absolute blast performing at the NatGeo Genius party at SXSW! Fantastic event for a great show put on by a wonderful crew of people… Chip Keichline of We Are Blood Bays joined us for a second set based on our Promethean Waltz production and simply killed. One of our best shows ever.

SXSW 2017

Ponytrap was excited to participate in SXSW Create for the second time… we showed off our machines and gave a performance and talk titled Ponytrap Welcomes Our Robot Overlords.

Promethean Waltz Redux

We’re doing our multi-media spectacle, Promethean Waltz, again! Come to the Off Center on Sunday, July 10 for some noise, some robots, and some fantasmic visual art by RecSpec. Featuring narration by Chip Keichline, additional percussion by Davie Murray and Mitch McCarthy, and the music of Ponytrap. Advance tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets