It Goes Quiet In My Head

Photo video for our newest recording

This Land

Ponytrap’s variation on Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”

The Bridge

Our sonic homage to Apocalypse Now

Industrial Music for Modern Primitives

An up close look at our drums doing their thing.

Fix No. One

Our remix / theme & variations on Ministry’s “Just One Fix”


Our arrangement of Prong’s “Unconditional”

Ponytrap by Erik Proulx

A short film about Ponytrap by Austin Filmmaker Erik Proulx


Our first work with Dotman, the 10 foot tall drum-bot we built for Promethean Waltz.

It Goes Quiet In My Head

Our submission to the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest

Opus 25, No. 1, Mvt. IV

Rasendes Zeitmaß. Wild. Tonschönheit ist Nebensache… für Bratsche und Maschine. Paul Hindemith, 1922

Mad Max

We like to parade the machines around in the back of our truck… this guy’s reaction is amazing!

Rise of the Machines

A brief history of robot time . . . a video narrative of the evolution of the Ponytrap drums.

The Way

Our best attempt at a Phil Collins tune…

MakeZine Robot

The robot we built for MakeZine playing the intro from Ponytrap’s Fix No. One

Promethean Waltz Trailer #1

Video trailer for Ponytrap’s Promethean Waltz, presented by VoyagerFest. Video by Erik Eff.

Promethean Waltz Trailer #2

The second video trailer for Promethean Waltz. Video by Erik Eff.

Promethean Waltz

Quotes and scenes from our multi-media stage show.

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