Ponytrap Builds a ‘Bot for Make Magazine

The finished MakeZine robot

The finished MakeZine robot

More good stuff for 2015, the Ponytrap Year of the Robot: Make Magazine found us through Austin’s Mini Maker Faire and asked us to create a make-your-own-drummer project. It was challenging to come up with a design that represented our machines, functioned nicely and was simple enough to build as a DIY project, but we think it came out pretty strong! MakeZine.com published the article today and we’ve gotten some great response – go have a look for yourself, and build you a drummer!

VoyagerFest 2015

We had an amazing time performing at the Rusty Mule for VoyagerFest 2015! The robots were thunderous and we debuted a couple of new tunes. We also heard plenty of great music including the fantastic Obnosticon. Daniel James produced a killer event and we look forward to participating in 2016 as well!


Al Jourgensen / Ministry!

Al Jourgensen of Ministry!

Holy Cats! Al Jourgensen and Ministry shared our video Fix No. One on their Facebook page! We went to see Ministry Sunday, June 7 at the Mowhawk and had our faces melted and our brains crushed. Psalm 69 was a huge musical influence on Quentin & this was a great show and a great day.